Your Plunge Pool Saltwater System

Keeping your new plunge pool safe and sparkling clean is made easy with a salt water
chlorination system. Salt chlorine generator systems are becoming more popular, you could
even say it’s the new normal for pool sanitization. And with its popularity comes with
misconceptions of how salt water systems work. We hear things like “salt water pool” but the
fact is it’s not salty water like the ocean but a better way to chlorinate your pool to keeping
your water sparkling clean. As a matter of fact, 30% (and growing) of residential swimming
pools are now saltwater pools.

If you don’t like the smell and feel of traditional chlorine in your pool, by using a salt water
system you’ll achieve a more comfortable feel, and an easier way maintain your plunge pool.
Today’s systems really do make a big difference in the way the water feels on your skin. This
self-contained purification system utilizes a natural process to generate pure chlorine, without
other chemicals. The systems electrolytic process uses a very low dose of salt and to generate
free chlorine. This chlorine kills bacteria and algae and then reverts back to salt leaving the
water feeling softer, silky, refreshing and yes, sparkling clear.

For your new plunge pools, the “salt water” is about 1/10 the salinity of the ocean…it’s more
like a teardrop or contact lens solution. Here are just a few of the reasons Carolina Plunge Pools
installs salt water sanitation systems as standard equipment.

  • Lower Maintenance
  • Cleaner, Safer Water
  • No Chemical Smells
  • Clearer Water
  • Easier on Your Skin
  • Less Annual Costs

Basically, the salt system provides consistent amounts of purer chlorine each day,
automatically. This process acts as a shield by not allowing any unwanted organisms the chance
to grow. It destroys any germs and algae and leaves a mild residual sanitizer to keep your
plunge pool water clear, refreshing and clean while you’re plunging.