What is a Cocktail Pool?

Your first thought or vision of a cocktail pool was probably a small pool with a great outdoor environment for savoring an adult beverage with your significant other and/or friends. Well, your vision is pretty spot on, then some. 

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to add some sizzle and spice to your home and backyard (maybe off the master suite), you might want to consider installing a cocktail pool, a sexier name for a plunge pool. Like a plunge pool, it’s typically quite a bit smaller than a standard full-sized pool, but that’s just part of their appeal.

The Difference Between a Cocktail Pool and Plunge Pool

A cocktail pool can give you all the amenities of a regular pool, but like a plunge pool, you can snuggle into a more compact space, making them perfect for small outdoor spaces, courtyards, even rooftops. But many larger backyards have them as well. Some people don’t want or need a big pool. They want room for other things like pergolas and outdoor kitchens. Most people don’t swim laps or have a 12-person pool parties on the agenda, so plunge pools are simply a great little sanctuary for your spirit after a long day or cocktails with a few good friends. 

A Plungie plunge pool with deck

As we said, cocktail pools are sometimes called plunge pools (and visa-versa) or even spools (combination of spa/pool). Cocktail pools are typically less than 400 square feet, and are only 3-4 ft deep vs. most plunge pools 4-5.5 ft. And unlike regular pools you can add many of the same amenities such as spa or hot tub too (such as seating, jets, special LED lighting and like plunge pools, you can add even spa like heaters).  

So whether it’s a designer cocktail, a warm tea or a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon, a cocktail pool, like its big brother the plunge pool,  will put you mind and body in a great place and creates a sexy addition to enjoy your outdoor living space.