All the Pool You’ll Need…starting at only – $57,900* installed & Enjoying.

Our award-winning precast concrete and fiberglass plunge pools are the first of their kind and best in class, giving you the fastest, easiest, and highest-quality plunge pool available.
By re-engineering the pool building process and perfecting the installation of plunge pools, we’ve streamlined production and on-site build times. Our installations are much less intrusive to you and your yard than a traditional pool…faster and more cost-effective. The following is standard on every Plunge Pool we install for you:
  • The World’s Strongest Fiberglass Pools are Highly Engineered for Durability.
  • Patented Design & UL Certified Concrete Plunge Pools
  • Pre-Plumbed and Fitted Filtration System
  • Complete Pump & Filtration System w/Salt System in All our Pools
  • High-Performance EcoFINISH® Interior Finish in 8-colors
  • Multi-Colored LED Light Giving You an Endless Array of Colors

* Pricing is based on an award-winning 16 x 10″ fiberglass pool or 16 x 8″ plunge pool installed. Upgrades available include a heater, spa, water features, or jets. The estimate is based on easy access to your plunge pool location.

Three Rivers – 16ft x 8ft

Quebec – 16ft x 10ft

Max – 20ft x 10ft