Plunge Pool FAQ’s

What is the Plungie Plunge pool made of?

Our award-winning Plungie was the world-first product that’s still pioneering the future of swimming pools; bringing the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pool to the market.  Every Plungie is manufactured in an accredited facility in Texas – and we know to the gram how much steel and concrete is in it. This controlled factory environment allows Plungie to produce a proven and tested concrete pool that’s regularly performance tested in NATA-approved laboratories. It’s the strongest concrete pool you can buy. 

What time of space do I need for my pool. 

Plunge pools are a great option for outdoor spaces where a traditional pool or full-size pool won’t fit. Homeowners with small spaces or smaller lots can combine a plunge pool with decking, water features, and fire pits to create a luxurious outdoor living space with a small amount of real estate. But, Plunge Pools are placed in large backyards too…it saves space for other outdoor living amenities. 

Can I put my Plunge Pool in my sloped backyard?

Yes, this is one of the advantages of a pre-cast Plunge Pool. It fits on most slopes as long as they are not too severe. We’ll come out to access your site and let you know what we’ll need to do in order to get the pool of your dreams in your ideal location. But, it is rare there’s not a way to set the pool safely and securely on a slope. 

Costs vs regular size pool:

The plunge pool itself cost less, and the cost for installation will be much lower since there will be less area to clear and dig. And, much less in labor expenses, and time on site is dramatically less as the pool is pre-cast in a controlled environment, which also makes it a more solid pool. And chemicals and heating are much lower on a Plunge Pool too. 

How long is the installation process?

That is one of the beautiful things about a Plunge Pool, because it’s pre-cast, our installs typically 2-7 days, all in, once delivered. Where regular gunite pools are from 2-4 months with a big construction zone (mess) to deal with. And, most of our pools can be delivered to the site in less than 30-days. 

Can plunge pools be above ground?

Yes, about 50% of Plunge pools are above or mid-grade level. An above ground plunge pool sits on top of the ground (concrete), so no major excavation is required and the process can be completed literally same day, so you can use your plunge pool almost right away…days, not months like traditional pools. 

Does Carolina Plunge Pools help with decks, hardscaping and landscaping around my pool?

Yes! It’s actually one of our favorite things to do for our clients. We have local vetted professional partners who are some of the best of the best in hardscaping, decks and landscaping…all managed by our design team. 

What kind of maintenance is required:

The small pool size of our Plunge Pools means there will be less water for dirt and debris to accumulate, which means maintenance will be simpler. The filtration system really does most of the work. And, small pool covers are easy to throw over plunge pools. 

Can I change the size of the pool?

Because of the pre-cast construction of our Plunge Pools, modifications such as increasing or decreasing size isn’t possible in order to keep the making of the pools easy and quick. But both our Plunge Pool partners, have various sizes and shapes. 

How deep are your pools?

Our pre-cast Plunge Pool by Plungie has an external shell height is 5.5ft, which makes the typical water depth 5.4ft…perfect for lounging. Our Little Pool Co. pools range between 3.5 and 6-ft depending on model. 

Does it come with coping tiles (tiles around edges of the pool)?

Coping tiles can easily be added around the pool, and most people do. This can be done with tiles, stone or wood decking. 

Can I tile my Plunge Pool?

Yes, of course you can…and it looks beautiful too. Our Plunge Pools can be tiled internally or externally. We can offer tiling through our professional tile partner based here in NC.

Does my pool come with heating?

Every Carolina Plungie Pool comes with the pre-plumbed provisions for heating. Gas and electric heaters can easily be purchased and installed by our technicians at install. And because of it’s a smaller size, heating is less than half the cost of heating a traditional pool. 

Is the advertised price fully installed?

The advertised price is for the pool and professional installation. If there is special location or site issues there can be additional delivery expenses, crane and installation costs which we’ll provide you up-front, so there are no surprises. 

Does the price include equipment?

Every Plungie is supplied with a standard pump, filter and salt chlorinator, skimmer box to help keep the pool clean, multi-colored LED light, and the interior ecoFINISH in various colors. Heaters, special UV water purifiers and pool covers are additional.