Design & Install

Our Streamlined Design & Installation Process

We’re excited you want to join thousands of homeowners around the world by enjoying your own award-winning plunge pool. But, what we are really excited and passionate about is helping design “a beautiful plunge pool environment” for you. So, let’s get started!

First, we want you to understand, this is the fastest, easiest and highest quality concrete plunge pools…delivered in a fraction of the time.

The Best Place and Style for Your Plunge Pool

One of the first things we’ll decide in the design of your new plunge pool and yard is where’s the best place is for your pool, and which of the 3-ways to set up your plunge pool – in-ground, above-ground or semi-recessed. The look and style of your pool can be customized by the installation depth you choose. Like placement of your pool, the depth of your install plays a role in the overall ease and cost of your site preparation and includes factors like excavation and soil removal.


Like a traditional concrete pool—a Plungie Pool can be installed completely in-ground—without your backyard being a messy construction site for months!



You can choose to have your pool at any depth, to suit your yard and design style. Pairing a semi-recessed plunge pool with decking is a popular installation option and this style can allow the pool to be used as a sitting wall too.



If you have a sloping block, an elevated deck, or soil that doesn’t suit an in-ground installation option, above-ground is the best the way to go. This is a great option to match an existing deck or patio.

Get Your Pool in Weeks, Not Months!

By reinventing the complicated pool construction process and turning it into a programmed and manufactured one, we’ve managed to streamline a process that would normally take up to 12-16-weeks. Instead, we can have your pool delivered and installed with a lead time as little as four-weeks, with less mess. It’s really that simple.

With the plans and pool order complete, we’ll break ground to prepare for your plunge pool’s arrival including excavation, grading, concrete work, plumbing and electrical. Once your yard is ready to accept the pool, a crane lifts the plunge pool off of a flatbed truck and lowers it into place before our team to hooks up the systems for you.

Here’s an outline of our custom designed process, over about 4-6 weeks.

  • Understand your goals for your pool and outdoor living space
  • Select the best plunge pool, equipment and any upgrades you want
  • We will design a site plan, installation and delivery plan for the site
  • We’ll manage and coordinate the site prep, crane and delivery of your pool
  • Our team will manage the entire installation of your pool
  • Finally, we’ll fill it with fresh water, and toast to your new plunge pool!