Carolina Plunge Pools – Fiberglass Pools

Our New Hybrid Fiberglass Plunge Pools are Durable, Stylish, and Comfortable. 

Fiberglass plunge pools have been gaining popularity over the last 10+ years for all the reasons above…and a few more. Our customers who are considering a plunge pool for their hom find it checks all the boxes for a beautiful quality plunge pool…installed in weeks, not months.

With nine pool styles ranging from 12ft to 28ft, there is a size and style to fit any outdoor living space, lifestyle, and budget. We also have spill-over spas and tanning ledges, all of the same quality as our plunge pools. 

Fiberglass Plunge Pools are a Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

Carolina Plunge Pool’s cutting-edge fiberglass pools and spas offer exceptional comfort and ease of installation. These award-winning fiberglass plunge pools are precast in a state-of-the-art facility that produces the finest fiberglass pool on the market today. Our pools are also seen as insulators, retaining heat to help keep your water temperature perfect. 

These unique plunge pools feature solid, one-piece construction that ensures algae and bacteria won’t grow in the corners or pores. This smooth and seamless surface makes it easier to keep your plunge pool sparkling clean and soft to the touch. It also means less chemicals and brushing to maintain the pool. Lastly, unlike concrete pools, fiberglass pools do not need to be resurfaced. All fiberglass pools are not created equal, and you’ll be happy to know we only install the world’s finest from a highly rated and experienced 40-year-old award-winning company. This quality and experience will give you the utmost confidence in a beautiful, well-built plunge pool that you and your family can enjoy for decades. All of this is backed by a 25-year fully transferable warranty. Call or Email Us Today to schedule a Free Design Consultation.